Guess what? I didn’t go kiteboarding! Ever since my windsurfing class in Naxos, Greece, I’ve been wanting to try kiteboarding. I’ve tried all the board sports I can think of [and loved them all!], except kiteboarding and stand up paddle boarding. I figured I would have the opportunity to try out kiteboarding this spring during my “escape from weather hell” vacation. After deciding on Hawaii, I started looking at paddle boarding instead. So after researching Maui stand up paddle boarding (SUP!) options, we ended up renting two at the beach and sharing. So. Much. Fun! Honestly, I thought it would be a little harder — the balancing part, I didn’t go catch waves or anything though. Next time. :)

We started from the beach, put the board in the water, hopped on (kneeling), and paddled out over the tiny waves breaking and then it was fairly smooth sailing from there. Apparently you’re supposed to be “light in your legs” and use your core. Definitely a core workout. My BFF and I paddled around for a good amount of time and then took turns holding paddles to jump into the water, followed up with a bit of downward facing dog. Success! :)

Not sure I’ll be paddling down the Willamette on a paddleboard, but I’d love to try it again somewhere warm and try catching waves on one. That would be brilliant. But it really made me want to go surfing again.

I’m a little sad that I have no photographic evidence that I went paddleboarding, but it was on the above pictured beach. C’est la vie.

Have you been paddleboarding?