30-day-shred-jillian-michaelsYou know when you come home from vacation and can’t wait to look at all of the great pictures that you took, and then you come across ones of yourself in a bikini and you think, “Wow, I couldn’t possibly look any more toned in that photo…”, oh wait… OK, maybe more like, “Do I really look like that? Maybe I should work on getting a little more toned!” Yeah, that’s more like it.

Traveling for a year wasn’t the best for staying in shape… being forced to eat amazing food, with no gyms in site, and conveniently leaving my running shoes at home. I know, I know, poor me. All fun things, but these are certainly not the ingredients for rockin’ abs. I did spend my days exploring on foot though, so it wasn’t the worst thing to ever happen to my fitness. Although, by the time March rolled around I was ready to focus on getting more toned. I decided to check out the much-raved Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred — you know I’m a sucker for challenges!  Note: The object of this challenge was not to lose weight, but to tone up. I also didn’t do the Shred everyday because it’s important to have a rest day and I already had a workout program that I was enjoying twice a week.

Before I started The Shred, I was going to the gym twice a week, one day to a 15 min abs class followed by a 45 min kickboxing class, and a second day to abs class again, followed by a 45 min spin class.

New Weekly Workouts

  • 30 Day Shred – 2-3x a week
  • abs/kickboxing – once a week
  • abs/spin class – once a week

The first week that I tried Level One, my shoulders were so sore afterward that I waited a week to try again! The second week, I did it twice, and then from there I just added it in two to three days per week, for the last two months.

  • Weight Loss: 5 pounds (quite a shocker — I wasn’t anticipating any!)
  • Waist: -1 inch
  • Butt: oh please, it’s not going anywhere!
  • Thighs: -1/4 inch
  • Arms: -1/8 inch
  • Calves: +1/8 inch

Before & After Pics: Not a huge difference, but I do look more toned!

img_3308-130 Day Shred Results: After

Bottom-line: The 30 Day Shred is perfect for a quick workout. 25 minutes of “circuit training” in your living room is convenient and easy to fit into your daily routine. My main complaint was the soundtrack. It was so unmotivating that I created my own playlist on iTunes and then just muted the DVD. I’m usually more of an indie/alternative music fan, but alas, the gym is rubbing off on me, and I’m starting to like hip-hop 30-day-shred-workout-mixand pop to work out to! Jillian Michaels is all kinds of crazy — she’s like a machine or a drill sergeant — but it works!

30 Day Shred Workout Mix: M.I.A. – Paper Planes, Kanye West – Stronger, Lady GaGa – Poker Face, Britney Spears – Womanizer, Kanye West – Heartless, Lady GaGa – Just Dance, Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

**Update: I forgot to mention that she says the phrase “phoning it in at the gym” about 20 times per level. ;) Another reason to hit the mute button**

Have you tried the 30 Day Shred? Do share your experience!