Oh hai! I can has IKEA shopping?Oh hai!  Well after three trips to the Humane Society — and several “OMG, why am I getting a cat, how will I travel, what if it’s stupid, what if it’s too much commitment, what if I don’t like it, maybe I should get a dog, what if it never dies” panics — I finally got a kitteh.

It’s a girl cat, but I think she looks like a boy, so I may just refer to her as a he? Is that bad? Anyway, now she he needs a name! She he has a mustache, which is quite hilarious so I was thinking of naming her after a dictator — Stalin, Lenin, Franco? Twitter pals suggested Selleck, Burt Reynolds, and Mario. I was also thinking of places that I’ve traveled… like Sofia (Bulgaria), Essaouira (Morocco, and then I could call her Essa), or Zooey (Salinger book, Franny & Zooey)… So dear Internets, help me name my kitteh!

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kitteh2And now I must go to IKEA, for my cat requests cat-sized Swedish furniture and dinnerware. :)