world-atlas-map-wallGuess who’s not vagabonding around, living out of a backpack, or sleeping in a sleeping bag on someone’s floor anymore? Yep, me (ok, I may or may not be in a sleeping bag still)!

I’ve been in my new apartment for two weeks now, and although I still have two “in progress” items, I’m considering this goal done! The couch and framed Cavallini & Co vintage travel posters are the same, but my living room has kind of headed down a travel path. My favorite new item is the massive world map wall art (printed on art canvas and stretched over a frame. Best handmade Christmas gift ever… thanks lovely boyfriend!). I’ve also made a few trips to IKEA lately, where I decided to continue my love affair with the EXPEDIT bookcase line, but since I didn’t have room for the same bookcase I had last time and a TV bench, I opted for a DIY Tetris-style combo. I also bought one of the high-pile wool rugs at IKEA and a colorful, little globe at TJ Maxx.


So my first “in progress” project is to finish hanging the curtains (any suggestions on getting anchor screws in concrete walls? shhhh…) I also want to get some kind of hanging lamp for the corner. I’m really wishing I had been able to buy a light in Morocco or Turkey, but I’m enjoying having my Moroccan pillow covers and material. Next up, a new sleeping bag or maybe a bed. ;)

Any ideas for a hanging light for the corner?