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Changing of the Guards & the Tower of London


So this morning after breakfast we hurried over to Victoria Station to catch the Big Bus tour. It was 20 pounds for the Big Bus day pass. Actually a really good deal because then you can just ride any of those buses (instead of paying for the Underground), you get a free boat ride, and it also includes the walking tours! We made it just in time to get on one of the buses that stops for the Changing of the Guards walking tour. Our walking guide was really funny. We walked down from Trafalgar Square down the Mall, and Read more…

Paris to London – Museums & The London Eye | Day 25

So we left on the Eurostar to London at 8am. Ended up just buying breakfast on the train, and it was pretty good! It was really cool getting to London so early and thankfully we were able to check right in at our hotel, which was awesome so we got to unpack stuff and just chill for a ½ hour or so before we started being tourists again! :) So our first stop of the day was the British Museum. I took way to many pictures and you could seriously spend days there. We ended up eating lunch there, which Read more…

I See London, I See France… | Day 3

So we took a taxi to Waterloo station in London to catch the Eurostar to Lille. Lines weren’t that bad, but no matter how light you pack you still have to wait for those who bring their entire homes with them. (like the 4’ 11”, 85 pound girl with 2 huge rolling bags, lol) Anyway, the train ride through the chunnel was pretty uneventful, except for the 50 cackling Brazilian girls. So in Lille we transferred to the TGV to Marseille. It was really cool because since we switched tickets at the Eurorail office she gave us seats in one Read more…

Tired Tourist | Day 1 & 2


Tired, tired, tired… time changes. So I got up at 3:30 on Friday, took a taxi to the airport at 4:30, got to the airport by 4:50, got through security in 2 minutes and then sat there until 6:00. So that made me curious as to why international flights need to be at the airport so much earlier! At least Portland has free wifi… now there’s a concept. Houston (and practically everywhere else) makes you pay. We got to Houston by noon. Noon is the new ten, and Houston is the fattest city in America. So we got lunch at Read more…

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