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#14: Learn to Kayak

Who goes on a kayak trip without knowing how to kayak? Me! Well, kayaking isn’t really that tough, you just get in and paddle. It was fun, but I’d rather spend time in the water than kayaking. I like the option of being able to kayak, but ended up spending the majority of my time snorkeling. I did learn the kayaking basics though, like how to get back in if you tip over (but I didn’t learn the roll). Overall, it was a really cool trip. And yes, I realize the picture isn’t of kayaking, but I can’t find one Read more…

#28: Go White Water Rafting

I hadn’t even planned to go rafting this year, maybe it was a subconscious task. Anyway, I went rafting last week. Even more fun than I expected. It was a little scary, but quite an adventure. I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much in cold water though. The rapids were class II-IV, with class III being my favorites (or so I was told). There were some Class 5 (I think), but we got out and walked those ones, while the guides guided the rafts through by ropes. Definitely an adventure! Unfortunately, I only have before and after pics, since Read more…

Cabaña Romantica


Rafting Day! White water rafting is amazing! I had a great time. The guides picked us up at our hotel in Panama City and we drove to the Ma… River. The roads were 4×4 roads, so it was quite an adventure sitting in the back of the Land Rover. At one point we passed an old Panamanian guy riding a donkey/mule, culture shock! When we got to the river we divided into groups, thankfully, I got the experienced guide. However, our raft had some leaking issues, so that part wasn’t as fun. Rafting is really fun, although I wouldn’t like Read more…

Panama City


Arriving at the Panama City airport was the typical “dazed and confused” part of the trip. Not to say it isn’t fun or different in it’s own respect, but still slightly nerve-racking. I split a taxi with some stranger from Chicago, so the fare was much cheaper. We got to my hotel and the cab driver gave me $3 for the change (yes, they use our money!). So I said, “No, cuatro” “Cuatro” Ha! And so he finally gave me extra dollar. Numbers… that’s part of my high school Spanish that I’ll never forget! After checking in to the hotel, Read more…

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