A new year, a new project. :) A couple of weeks ago, I saw a tweet by Kelsey Timmerman about his year of giving away $10 every Tuesday. I’m always intrigued by interesting projects that people undertake. And this one really appealed to me as giving is something I could do a bit more of. Kelsey mentions this NY Times article about Americans earning less than $25,000 give away 4.2% of their income on average and those earning $75,000+ give away only 2.7% of theirs. An interesting comparison of scale, empathy, and income.

So the plan is that every Friday I’ll donate $11 to something. Why $11? 1. I like odd numbers. 2. For 2011. 3. $10 has already been done. :P

I love the idea that after a year of giving I’ll have a pretty good idea of places I would like to donate more too. So this project is a work in progress. And I miraculously did donate $10 on New Year’s Eve, so I’m going to count that as week #1. So some weeks I might be donating to an NGO in Nepal and other weeks I might find a Kickstarter campaign that I really want to support or donate to a local nonprofit. Either way, it’s about creating a habit of giving and learning in the process. :)

Jan 7: PDX Pop Now
Jan 14: Mercy Corps
Jan 21: Next Generation Nepal

It would be awesome if you wanted to join me on my project, even for just one week. So if you end up giving to any of my weekly give picks, let me know! And here’s Kelsey’s follow up post about his Year of Giving.

What was the last cause/project/nonprofit that you gave to?