Three weeks in, and I’m starting to feel like a local around here. Usually this means I’m getting itchy feet and about ready to move on. I am loving the beach life though. As much of the Northwest girl that I am, I think I love the beach and sunshine just as much… or whatever I’m currently engrossed in anyway. Life is good living in the present!

This week:

Passe-a-Grille Beach & sunsets – I love having an evening routine of walking or running the beach. Treasure Island is our default beach, and while we’ve gone up to Madeira and Reddington, Passe-a-Grille is my favorite beach thus far.
The Refinery – Always fun to find restaurants that are at the top-end of the [universal] tasty scale vs just compared to what’s around it. The Refinery is in Seminole Heights and they’re all about local food. The menu changes every Thursday, and prices are pretty good, especially considering their local suppliers.
New World Brewery in Ybor City – We went to Yappy Hour with boyfriend’s Tampa people. If I lived in Tampa, New World would be my Migration Brewing (ie. fav).
Vintage shopping in St Pete – lazy Sunday exploring vintage shops in St Pete. Paper Street Market and the Gas Plant Antique Arcade that had 3 or 4 floors of vintage/antique. The third floor houses Furnish Me Vintage, with mid century modern & Danish furniture most of which I would welcome into my home if I was inclined to spend money on furniture. :)
Postcard Inn cuteness – We stopped at the Postcard Inn in St Pete Beach to get burgers at Beachwood BBQ & Burger, and ended up eating outside at the Beach Bar (mistake! but this post is called Weekly Love, not Weekly annoyance. Details.) So the interior of the Postcard Inn is exactly how I would decorate a beach hotel… you know if I happened to own one or something. Redeemed by cuteness I suppose.
Gulfport & Peg’s Cantina & Brew Pub – After a quick wander around Gulfport, we stopped in at Peg’s Catina & Brew Pub. Tried some of their beers and had an interesting evening hanging out in a “locals” pub. Super friendly bartender too, so it was fun learning about area breweries etc.
Time Tracking – I go through phases of time tracking for both work and personal time. I’ve been pretty consistent about it since March as it really helps me “check out” of idle tasks (like mindlessly checking email & Twitter) and get completely absorbed in projects. Things always take longer than you think they will.

What made you happy this week?