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#91: Clean up my old computer, backup, and get rid of


external-harddrive.jpgI don’t use my desktop computer. And it shall sit and collect dust no more! This goal was a lot more involved than just posting an old computer on Craigslist. First, I went through all the files: archived, organized, or deleted. Next, I bought a cheap small external hard drive to store all the files on. After that, I transferred all of it to my laptop to eliminate duplicates. And then did a final backup to the external hard drive. I’d been advised not to buy a cheap external hard drive, because they die a lot. However, I’m just using as a backup system, so I think it should be fine. Next, I posted my monitor on Craigslist. I will end up donating it if it doesn’t sell. It’s nice to have more space in my apartment, now that the mammoth desktop is off my desk.

Apartment Therapy – Week 6 Recap

Week 6 - BathroomThankfully, this week wasn’t too much work. After cleaning the bathroom and organizing a couple of drawers, I just need to pick up a few bathroom organizing containers at IKEA. I’m also still looking for a small vase for the bathroom.

Still to pick up on my Apartment Therapy Shopping List:
laundry hamper liner
drawer organizing containers
something to cover the breaker box
media shelf to set inside the TV bench
vase for bathroom

On to week 7!

Apartment Therapy – Week 6

Bathroom Picture - Apartment TherapyThis week, it’s all about the bathroom.

Week 6 – Light Therapy
Clean bathroom
Declutter bathroom cabinet
Arrange bathroom efficiently

Upgrade razor and shaving supplies
Purchase bath salts and nice soap
Place a candle in the bathroom
Consider scents for your home
Plan for the week ahead on Sunday
Wake early and take a bath before work
Straighten desk at work

Apartment Therapy – Week 5 Recap

It’s good to know that Week 5 is the typical week to fall off the “Apartment Therapy Cure” wagon. Maxwell (Apartment Therapy author) posted that we should focus on what we’ve accomplished so far in the cure to try and motivate ourselves (and each other). So here’s what I have –and haven’t– done.



  • The AT Self Style Questionnaire
  • Repairs list
  • Vacuum
  • Fix 1 thing – kitchen shelf
  • Clean kitchen from top to bottom
  • Water filter
  • Dust
  • Clean entry
  • Clean living room
  • Clean office


  • Remove 1 item (bathroom storage shelf)
  • Run hands over walls
  • Clear space for outbox (hall closet)
  • Clear kitchen into outbox
  • Declutter entry/closet
  • Recycle old catalogs
  • Research landing strip
  • Cancel unused subscriptions
  • Declutter books/media
  • Cancel catalogs
  • Empty outbox
  • Declutter files (goodbye receipts from 1999!)
  • Tackle the cord octopus


  • Buy fresh flowers (every week)
  • Determine style: eclectic organic modern
  • Identify cool/warm rooms
  • Apply 80/20 rule
  • Confirm increase/decrease for color in each room
  • Identify what will+/- softness in each room


  • Sit for 10 minutes in a part of your home.
  • Earth-friendly cleaning products
  • Find a new recipe and cook
  • Choose date of housewarming
  • Cook 2 meals at home
  • Design invitation (Evite)
  • Cook 3 meals at home (several week)
  • Send out invitations
  • Read before sleep
  • Wireless technology



  • Mop kitchen/bathroom
  • Buy paper shredder
  • Get rid of old computer


  • 1 day media fast


  • Choose hard/soft items to add/subtract


  • Eat at home Sunday through Monday (excuses, excuses: this is hard to schedule!)
  • Get to bed early

Yes, this does make me feel like I’ve accomplished a lot more!

Apartment Therapy – Week 5

Focusing on the past (Week 4)I have been warned about week 5… looks like I’ll be spending some time organizing my files.

Week 5 – Getting Into the Thick of It
Clean office area
Vacuum, dust, mop
Declutter files
Tackle the cord octopus
Try a one-day media fast
Buy fresh flowers
Choose at least 1 soft/hard thing to add or subtract
Cook 3 meals at home this week (3 of 3)
Eat at home Sunday through Thursday (4 of 5)
Get to bed early and read before sleep (define ‘early’)
Wireless technology

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