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Weekly Love: Sauvie Island + Liam Finn + Sundresses


Aren’t things with wheels fun? Here are a few things [some with wheels!] that I enjoyed this week…

This week

– Watched the Portland Twilight Criterium bike race around the North Park blocks on Friday. More cowbell!

– Let’s talk about my container garden. It’s amazing… and so tasty. I made a tomato salad this weekend which included: tomatoes, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and more tomatoes.

-We were going to go berry picking at Sauvie Island on Sunday, and ended up spending so long at the beach, that we missed the U-pick hours. So we ended up buying berries from the stand instead. Next time!

– I got a silly email from Gilt Groupe telling me “good news, your Hype Silk Naomi Strapless dress is now available”, meaning it had sold out ages ago, even though I really had no intentions of buying it. And I had a $20 off any order special coupon and so it ended up being $59 instead of ummmm… a $175 dress. Yay!

– Just started listening to Liam Finn’s new album FOMO. This video is ridiculous and kind of adorable. Those kiwis.

-Portland Soap Box Derby was also this weekend on Mt Tabor. We arrived kind of late, but it was still fun to sit on a blanket, and legally drink beer in the park. Also, there was a tank with some kind of potato gun cannon. Next year, I’m going to wear a derby hat.

What are you up to this week?

Things I Wouldn’t Refuse [Stuff I Want]


Christmas time! :)  I can’t believe it’s already December. A few things I would like to do before January: visit the pop-up shops downtown with my bff, go snowshoeing, bake something amazing, make chocolate mint divinity again, undetermined crafty project, make homemade eggnog, take a cooking class at Sur la Table (or maybe in January?), go to the coast, make rummy apple cider, play board games…

In other news, I’m supposed to let mi familia know what I want for Christmas, so here are a few things I wouldn’t refuse. ;) and a few wishful thinking items. :)

#1. Marvelous Merino Legwarmers from Lululemon $34

The purpose of these lovely leg warmers? To be able to wear all your yoga capris/shorts to the gym without freezing your legs off. Yay for doing less laundry of my 1 pair of full-length yoga pants.

#2. D3 bicycle by PUBLIC $690

Yep, still lusting after this DELICIOUS orange bike. Le sigh…

#3. Leaf Tie by LufDesign $7

These are cool. Period.

#4. ASCII heart necklace by Sternlab $150

I found this necklace on Etsy last year, and still find it super adorable and wishlist-able.

#5. Kaldi Arctic hat from 66°North $84

Regret. Reeeegret. OK, I almost bought this hat in Iceland, and then was like “No, it’s too expensive, and I’ll only wear it when it’s really cold, and, and, and…” Still like it.

#6. Enchanted Woods iPhone Dock from Anthropologie $98

How cute is this? My kitteh might eat all $98 of it’s cuteness, but I still want it.

#7. Zigzag Rug – Iron/Ivory/Fez from West Elm $39

2×3 for my kitchen or front door. Chevrons!
To be continued…

What’s on your wishlist?

#5: Carve Out a Stellar Mini Home Office – 30 Before 30 List

My move into my new places randomly coincided with my switch to working from home. It’s been about four months now {WHAT!?!}, and although it’s definitely been an adjustment, creating my own little work space has really helped me adjust to working from home, and not letting my work area take over the entire 600-ish sq ft of my studio!

Step 1: IKEA. Warning: you know those charming IKEA employees who tell you that you can choose any of the tables/legs from the VIKA series and go to town? They’re wrong! VIKA CURRY legs ($4) + VIKA FAGERLID table leg with storage ($40) + VIKA AMON table top ($20) = unbalanced desk. Alas, after all that work, I ended up just taking the “lid” off the FAGERLID piece and putting extra sticker things under the CURRY legs. Voilla!

Step 2: make use of my lovely Target Liberty of London file box.

Step 3: finally unpacking my lime green wooden stacking trays from See Jane Work.

Step 4: Hanging random IKEA magnetic strip and bins.

Step 5: Moving the speakers that I bought for using with my laptop/TV to the desk, since I use the TV about once a month.

Step 5.5: Pandora

Step 6: Hanging my Strawberry Luna bicycle print.

Step 7: Stability ball desk chair, which people continually tell me is in no way, shape or form a desk chair. Whatever, your core is just jealous.

Step 8: Cat grass for kitteh. OK, I just added this one, since she’s always in the window, on the other side of my desk, lounging by her cat grass.

Step 9: Trying to find a quicker commute. *Thanks, I’ll be here all week… yeah, actually I will be…

10 Things That Make Me Happy {July}

Last day of July. Shocking. Time for 10 things that make me happy July edition…

1. biking – I’ve been biking up a storm this month. Other than the streetcar, it’s my main mode of transportation, along with the occasional Zipcar. Anyway, I have such a crush on this bicycle. I want. Dear Savings account, can I use some of my first-time homebuyer tax credit for this? Public D3 $690

2. yoga – I started my 30 day yoga challenge a couple of weeks ago, and then took a 4 day hamstring break after my first ever Bikram (hot) yoga class. Intense! So I’m back on track now — 10 days in (6 days/week), 20 to go! Watch out.

3. iPhone 4 – get over it, yeah?  As mentioned… LOVE! How did I survive without one? :P And the daily food photos continue. My only complaint is that it’s not that great as an actual phone, not that I actually use it for the phone aspect too much.

4. Hobo International Clover Wristlet – I’ve been wanting a clutch (wristlet, whatever you want to call it) for a while now. However, most of them seem to be the size of binders, so I’m loving this smaller, vintage-y one that I found at Rue by Hobo. rue la la invite

5. Pastis – One of my favorite summer drinks. Water + pastis. It’s like being in Marseilles again!

6. Scheming. Dreaming. Iceland. $458 Seattle to Reykjavík. (waving goodbye to getting a new bike). Iceland: Sigur Ros, blue lagoon, Icelandic ponies, Eyjafjallajökull volcano… cannot wait! Also, I’m pretty sure that I’ll have a chance meeting with one of the lovely gentleman of Sigur Ros: fall in love, live happily ever after in Iceland, and have like 1,000,000 Icelandic babies. Yep.

7. Google Docs – humor me in my Google fangirl moments. So they’ve had tons of new changes lately, enough for me to quit my whinging about how all the Excel formulas that I’m used to aren’t working, and you can copy tabs to a new doc now, and rumors are circulating that you’ll soon be able to login to more than 1 Google Account in 1 browser. I think I’m a little bit, a little bit in love with Google.

8. Ice cream sandwiches – I tried out the Martha Stewart recipe for classic ice cream sandwiches. Tasty. I’ve also been a little obsessed with the coconut ice cream bars by Paleteria La Michoacana from the dreaded land of Costco.

9. Lululemon yoga pants – I finally bought a pair of Lululemon pants. Half of me is annoyed with Lululemon for being so damn expensive, but they are incredibly comfy shorts and after I got my first-time home buyer credit, I decided it was kosher to spend 1% (eek!) on some sweet ass pants. I also really love their company and they have free yoga classes in-store twice a week. :) Lululemon Astro Crop

10. Oregon coast – love.

What’s on your list lately?

iPhone 4: Swoon! + Apps I Love

I’ve been neglecting my blog… thanks to my new iPhone. Obsessed much? Yes. Best thing… like evah!

Favorite Apps

Google Maps – Yes, it’s a pretty standard map, but the geo-location feature is awesome (my gigantic shoe phone aka, Treo didn’t have the locating bit, and took about 5 hours to load). So example of awesomeness… yesterday I decided to ride my bike to Chipotle for lunch, so instead of trying to remember exactly where the downtown location was, I just started riding and then after I passed the Hawthorne bridge, I stopped to look at my phone… and ta da… I was only a few blocks away.

Foursquare – I’m the king of town. And no, I don’t Tweet “I’m at blah blah blah” every 5 minutes. I do enjoy ousting people as mayor and collecting badges though. Also, if you shout “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz” (a vuvuzela) or “Goooooooooal” you get a nifty World Cup badge. :)

Mint – If you know me in real life then you know I’m a huge Mint fan. I’ve probably asked you more than once if you’ve signed up yet. If only it was a pyramid scheme of some kind…

Groupon – Speaking of pyramid schemes and totally awesome apps… we’ve discussed my Groupon obsession, yes? Yes. So the deal part of the app isn’t that special, as I get the morning email anyway, but being able to use your Groupon from your iPhone is brilliant (I don’t own a printer). Also, I like being able to see all the Groupons I’ve already bought on a map, to see which is closest to me… exactly now.

Pandora - I like. – man shopping from your iPhone? Awesomeness.

Trivial Pursuit – I bought this app during the EA 1/2 off sale last week — totally worth 99 cents.

Words with Friends – I have 8 Scrabble games going right now.

Shazam – What is this song? Oh. This app makes me squeal and clap my hands.

Rue La La – another squeal-worthy app. Rue is my favorite sample sale site (Gilt is my 2nd fav and they also have an app, although the dept structure isn’t as nice as their website).  I especially love the picture flipping feature.

RedLaser – it’s a frickin’ laser beam. So I was at the store buying food for my kitteh, and I couldn’t tell if it was outrageously expensive or not. RedLaser said it was a deal. Score.

Chipotle – I like the idea for this app, but in practicality I prefer to actually go through line and ask for extra everything.

My24 – love being able to check class schedules from my phone.

Zipcar – I can now unlock my zipcar — and HONK THE HORN! — with my lovely iPhone. You can also reserve with the app, but really, the appeal to me is honking.

Sleep Cycle – it appears that I fall straight into a coma at night. My charts and graphs don’t look too much like the examples. Not sure if I’m doing it wrong or just an insanely heavy sleeper.

P Tracker Lite – TMI? Probably, but still a pretty cool app.

DailyBurn – I used the web-based version previously, so it was fun to be able to login and test it out. I’d like to try the barcode scanner feature, but surprise, surprise: I don’t want to pay for it.

iHandy Level – now that I own my place, I’m a little more concerned about getting nails in right the first time.

IKEA UK – I found the UK catalog app for when I just have to look at IKEA magic.

As you may have noticed, I’m kind of a fan of free apps. I think I will set up a new category in Mint, titled “Apps” and my budget shall be $1.98/month.

Brief complaints: #1: Remember the Milk app I am not interested in paying for with so many stellar free options. #fail. #2: ESPN World Cup app asks me if I want to pay every time I open it. #ithoughtitwouldbebetter

What’s your favorite iPhone app? What am I missing out on?

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