curtains-ikeaSo I finally got my living room curtains up last weekend. I had a slight change of plans after making about 12 trial holes in the wall. And after trying a concrete drill bit, I came to the realization that getting anchors into that part of the wall was a no-go. ‘A’ for effort, right? Nothing a little bit of drywall mud can’t fix. :P  So I decided to hang the curtain rod closer to the ceiling on the drop-out box thing. It cuts about 6″ off the living room, when the curtains are closed, but I think it looks pretty cool since it covers the entire wall. Now I just need curtain tie-backs. I found a few in the Urban Outfitters clearance section, so help me out!

curtain-tieback-bird curtain-tieback-key curtain-tieback-daisy Which ones should I get? The bird, the key or the daisy? They all match the wrought-iron look of the curtain rod, but I’m leaning toward the key…

Dilemma #2 (*giggle*): I want to hang a pendent lamp in the corner (between the TV and the window). I still love the IKEA KNAPPA hanging pendant lamp (yes, the one that’s pictured in about 200 home tours on Apartment Therapy), but I also like the West Elm Capiz hanging pendant knock-off that World Market has (for $70 vs $259). So dear Internetz, which pendant lamp would look better in my living room?

capiz-hanging-pendant-lamp ikea-knappa-pendant-lamp