49 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

Summer in Oregon

With 31 days of summer left, I’m starting to feel like I’m running out of time to experience all the summer stuff I love. But I feel like this every year. Summer in Oregon is pretty much the best thing ever.

My summer list is a little Portland-centric, so feel free to replace things with your local, summer fun time places and things.

Summer in Oregon

45 Things to Do Before Summer Ends:

I’m bolding the stuff I still want to check off!

  1. Go berry picking – (does the yard count?)
  2. Go to Sauvie Island
  3. Camp in the backyard
  4. Do a backyard fire – s’mores
  5. Invite people over for BBQ/picnic – (informal house warming)
  6. Picnic at the park – done, a fancy picnic would also be fun
  7. Go tubing / river float
  8. Go to the coast – Oswald West!
  9. Go to the river – swam at the Clackamas River
  10. Go kayaking – kayak camped on the Willamette River and kayaked on 4th of July
  11. Have a big day of biking – birthday bike ride surprise!
  12. Mani/pedis – post-half marathon!
  13. Wear all my summer dresses and clothes
  14. Go out to breakfast on a weekday – I finally tried Sweedeedee
  15. Stay out late and have cocktails
  16. Wear heels 1x week – this can happen after my half marathon!
  17. Buy new sunnies
  18. Road trip! – to Seattle (ferry to Victoria), and to Vancouver for SeaWheeze
  19. Make morning mimosas
  20. Go on a boat – on the Columbia River in Kennewick
  21. Drink rose – reminds me of southern France
  22. Go to Last Thursday
  23. Go to a Beer Fest – how have I not checked this off yet this summer?
  24. Visit every ice cream shop in Portland – my favorite is Fifty Licks (no, not Salt & Straw, but they’re delicious too). Still need to visit: What’s the Scoop? Cool Moon, and Cloud City.
  25. Go to patios/rooftops in PDX that I haven’t visited yet – Departure, Salty’s on the Columbia
  26. Day trip to Hood River – did the valley fruit loop, I’d still like to do another summer Hood River visit
  27. play in the ocean – Kailua, Hawaii! and Oregon coast
  28. Declare my own summer song – Capital Cities – Safe and Sound has been on repeat, and Milk
  29. Make tasty water like the hotel in Victoria, just because – mint water! blueberry mint water!
  30. Smoothie making – try/invent a few new recipes
  31. Go standup paddle boarding
  32. Wear a sundress more often
  33. Bike everywhere for one+ week – post race
  34. Go camping – went kayak camping, not car tent camping yet
  35. Go backpacking -kayak camping is similar
  36. Buy a new swimsuit
  37. Go to movies in the park – Back to the Future at Arbor Lodge
  38. Go to a summer music festival or concert – SeaWheeze Sunset Festival – Capital Cities & The Colourists!
  39. Buy a new hat – got a birthday hat!
  40. Pretend I’m 15 and buy a new summer fragrance
  41. New sunscreen – I need more California Baby
  42. Try a new cocktail – Multnomah Whiskey Library is still on my list
  43. Read a new book (for fun not “work”!)
  44. Find my favorite summer seasonal beer – still testing…
  45. Go to Edgefield or Kennedy School – soaking pool! or golf?
  46. Roast corn – can’t wait to roast more from the garden
  47. Harvest from the garden – make a meal with mostly home-grown (tomatoes and basil pasta!) blueberries for dessert.
  48. Watch the stars – saw shooting stars at Oswald West
  49. Savor sunsets – in progress

What’s left on your summer list?