Tomato Salad + Smoked Salmon on Toast: In Season Cooking

Our biggest harvest this summer has been cherry tomatoes — and needless to say, our fresh tomato salads have been amazing! I found this recipe in Everyday Food and it’s great for a quick meal. It uses ripe and green tomatoes, and I threw in some golden ones too. You just toss it in some olive oil, salt and pepper, and then layer with basil. The rest of the recipe was for Smoked Trout on Toast. OK, it’s not really even a recipe since it involves putting cream cheese on bread and layering with smoked fish and red onion. I used smoked salmon that I found at Trader Joe’s instead.


I forget that so many people hate fish. I should start a pescatarian club! What’s your favorite fish dish?


  • Hey thanks for visiting my site today! I was inspired to start my Niner Project after reading about your 1,001. :) How’s the “relearn Spanish” going?

    • @Dorothy That’s awesome! Thanks! The Spanish… the 4 years from high school helps, but I’m still working on it. I just started reading El Alquimista – Una Fabula Para Seguir Tus Suenos — my final goal for “relearning”