Hi! I’m Olivia!

I’m a traveler, foodie, Portlander, list fan, spreadsheet lover, and digital strategist.

Really, I’m on a quest to make life easier and more interesting – sampling new experiences and making the world a more lovably, logical place.

I’m all about being efficient so we have more time to spend on things we love. For me, that’s new travel experiences, family, friends, food, half marathons, IPAs, cats (I could probably fill the rest of this page with nouns, so let’s move on)…

I originally created this blog as an outlet for all things food, apartment dwelling, Portland roaming, and MBA pursuing back in 2007.  It then morphed into a way to keep track of my 101 Things in 1,001 Days Project list.  So when I decided to quit my job to spend a year traveling around the world, I thought it would be fun to just continue the adventure here.

I’m a strong believer in living consciously (purposefully, deliberately, or whatever it is the kids are calling it these days), which is what got me interested in Life Lists, a 30 Before 30 list, and annual goals.  I love the idea that you’re working on specific, verbalized goals, and while a year later you may not care about 1/4 the things on the list, you’ll still have a lot of really cool things accomplished.

My round the world trip:
japanI started my round the world trip in Beijing, China in late February of 2008.  From there I traveled to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, back to Thailand and back through China to come home to Portland.  I spent two months in Portland (we have amazing summers), before heading to Eastern Europe.  From Budapest, Hungary, I travelled to Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Morocco, and then back to Spain before taking the slow boat (a transatlantic) back to the States (via Portugal & Bahamas).  After spending the holidays in Portland, I finished up my travels in Costa Rica and came back to Oregon.

Post-RTW life:
Post-RTW I found a job, got a cat, bought a house, and fell in love with Portland all over again. [Not all at once] And after almost four years at a travel company promoting independent and long-term travel, I just took the leap to self-employment and now spend my time helping right-brained entrepreneurs, small businesses, and writers. I help them create processes to streamline their marketing, set attainable business goals, and make more money.

FAQ: What does “Powered by Tofu mean”?
I’ve been a vegetarian all my life, so it’s always been a running joke that I’m “powered by tofu.”  We even made t-shirts in high school that said “powered by tofu” with a tofu block on them. Alas, I swear that PETA stole my line for their Powered by Tofu shirt. Great minds think alike. :) Anyway, while I still cook vegetarian, I consider myself a “pescatarian” now, since I eat fish.

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