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#30: Walk To The Grocery Store


I’ve pretty much been walking to the grocery store since I started traveling. ;) I probably did most of my international grocery shopping in New Zealand and Greece though. New Zealand was an easy country to carry around a food bag and actually cook in the evenings, while in Greece I was buying more snack items like Bake Rolls and Laughing Cow cheese. So I originally put this on the list referring to walking from “home” to my closest market. But I’m still going to consider this one accomplished.

#87: Consciously Stop Saying ‘yeah’ And ‘like’ For 1 Week

The beauty of being in a foreign country alone, is that it can be easier to kick a bad habit! Since it was all Greek to me anyway, I found myself using less filler words when trying to communicate. All the added words, such as “like” and “yeah” just add confusion. So while I still had to stop and think a bit, I managed to tone down my “like” bad habit.

How Minty are you?


My only complaint with online money management software,, was fixed today. Finally, the ability to add loan accounts! Asset (investment) accounts were added a few months ago, although my 401k provider is not listed. I was able to check it out with my IRA account though, and it’s pretty sweet, with all of the expected colorful graphs and change values.

The only drawback? My Net Worth and Cash Flow stats looked sooo much nicer without my student loan added in. Now if only they could add an Intangible Asset feature, so I could add my MBA too.

#66: Quit Drinking Coffee For 1 Month


I kicked the coffee habit while I was in SE Asia. Or maybe I just replaced it with tea? Or Tiger beer? Anyway, my morning headaches finally disappeared and then I found myself ordering coffee drinks at dinner as a treat instead of a necessity. Good on ya’ mate! ;)

#10: Write in a work journal for 1 month


The purpose of writing in a work “journal” was to be able to look back and see how much I collectively accomplished in one month. Did it work? Yes and no. At first, I documented too much. :) Surprise, surprise, but it ended up being a good thing. Towards the end, I just noted what projects I worked on during each day.

Why this helped me :

  • By documenting every mundane task, it helped me realize what I was doing (everyday) to waste time and avoid what I really needed to get done.
  • The mundane task situation also helped me realize a few “tasks” that I need to get rid of, by fixing root problems.
  • I let a few projects span out way longer than expected. Yes, this happens sometimes, but I need to focus on actively managing my projects.
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