#72: Apartment Therapy | Week 2

September 15, 2007

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FlowerI did pretty good at Week 2 the first time around, so since this week is more of an introduction to the “Outbox” and finding your style, I’ll be focusing on refining my style that I wrote down previously and cleaning/outboxing the kitchen.

Week 2 – Clearing the path
Clean kitchen from top to bottom
Buy fresh flowers

Determine your style

Find a new recipe & cook at home

Choose the date of your housewarming

I think I really identified my style last time. At first, I thought the “list your favorites” exercise was a little silly. Really, what do my favorite actors and music, where I was raised, and who my role model is, have to do with my decorating style? However, once you have them all listed out, it’s kind of neat to see the underlying theme. So, to re-cap, I shall call my style “eclectic organic modern,” because just organic modern doesn’t quite fit me. :)