Dahlias drink lemonade

September 15, 2007

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DahliasAt the farmer’s market, I learned that dahlias appreciate a good glass of lemonade. If you put sugar and lemon juice in their water, they last way longer. So after 3 -4 days, you just have to cut the stems again and replace the “lemonade.” It’s excellent! I love tips like that.

Who first discovered all of these flower tips? Like the penny/tulip one… Did someone accidentally drop a penny in the bottom of a vase and then realize that it made the tulip stems stand up straight? Or did a scientist/botanist know that copper reacted with the flower? I guess I could Google it. Nah… I really just wanted to take pictures of all the flowers I bought for $5 at the farmer’s market. 16 flowers for $5… awesome!