#75: Plant a Balcony Garden

December 4, 2007

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My start of a balcony gardenI totally had help with this one! My mom gave me a gorgeous pot full of shade plants and flowers. So no planting required – I just wheeled it out to the balcony. Then, I was given a tree chute, or whatever real gardeners call them. So, I went to Home Depot and bought a planter and dirt (far too many types of dirt in that store, fyi). I also found an orange and purple ornamental pepper plant that I just planted in an IKEA pot that has been sitting empty since last year. Combined with the mini-herb garden my mom also made for me, I think I’m pretty much set! Although, some of these I’ll probably be moving back inside so they don’t die in the colder weather. Maybe I should get one of those containers of grass too. That would be really neat… to be continued… in the spring…

My total plant life collection: aloe vera plant, mini herb garden, ornament pepper tree, some random tree, shade plants.

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