Apartment Therapy Cure: Spring

March 14, 2010

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apartment-therapy-cureA reminder to my home decor pals that the Apartment Therapy Spring Cure starts tomorrow (Monday, March 15, 2010)! It’s been about 3 years since I did the cure, so it should be fun to give it another go… although it really shouldn’t be too much work this time around, as I’ve been pretty sparing with the items that I kept/repurchased after my travels. :)

How to:
Get the book
(or check it out at the library)
Sign-up for the weekly cure emails
Start reading the book, and participate as much as you want with the discussions, flickr pool etc

The Plan: (March 15th through May 10th)
Week 1: Creating Your Vision
Week 2: Clearing a Path
Week 3: The Landing Strip
Week 4: Retail Therapy
Week 5: The Thick of It
Week 6: Light Therapy
Week 7: Sacred Space
Week 8: Throwing a Party
Week 9: Graduation

Should be fun, and I may just have an excuse to pick up some new home goods — Liberty of London for Target is calling my name at the moment. Anyone else a little obsessed with this line right now? The LoL (heh) line is like a “few of my favorite things” roundup: gardening stuff, bicycles, flipflops, piggy banks, dresses, tea pots, and all in the sweetest patterns. <3

Who else is doing the Spring Cure?