Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

February 15, 2009

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puerto-viejo-de-talamanca-costa-ricaI arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica yesterday.  Riding in to town from the airport seemed like Panama City all over again.  I chatted with the taxi driver on the way in.  It’s become a bit of habit for me to chat up the taxi drivers, and it’s definitely more fun when I can use my Espanol poquito! The added benefit is that you’re suddenly human to them instead of just money.  I didn’t have a lot of small change so instead of  breaking a larger bill he took a few dollars off the ride, with a smile and “Pura vida”!  Welcome to Costa Rica!

After spending the night in San Jose we caught a local bus out to Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast, near Panama. Puerto Viejo is a Spanish speaking Rasta town, with miles of gorgeous beaches and excellent food.  It’s the kind of beach town you’re just backpacking through and a month later you’re like “What, I’m still here?”

We’re staying south of town at a cute little bungalow style hotel, where each room has their own hammock.  Ah, nap time.