Geisha Spotting in Gion

March 9, 2008

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After another day of temple roaming in Kyoto, we decided to go geisha spotting in the Gion district. We saw one almost immediately and then didn’t see any more, for the rest of the evening. I’m glad I saw ‘Memoirs of Geisha’ before coming to Japan. It made visiting the Gion District more interesting. After venturing down several side streets and being turned away at several restaurants (apparently this area is notorious for turning foreigners away), we went to a place that serves a local Kyoto specialty. It’s a pancake/omelet type dish, with ginger, which really added to it. After dinner, we walked around more and checked out a few of the local places. We ended up taking the metro two stops closer to the hotel, before grabbing a taxi, since they’re fairly expensive here. Oh and the ticket machine in the metro had a “help” button, which when pressed, opened a little door and a real person leans out. Maybe it was the Asahis, but it was pretty sweet. And the taxi drivers wear white gloves and the doors open automatically. Too much in this country makes me giggle.