RTW Trip

Getting my RTW Travel Shots at Kaiser

November 3, 2007

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Today was the big day. After hopping between lines at the Kaiser pharmacy & nurses station, I finally got all of my travel shots and prescriptions done, in under 1 hour! This was in prep for my RTW (round the world) trip. And based on locations I think I will be going and what shots I’ve previously had or not had.

My List of Travel Shots:

  • Yellow Fever shot
  • Hep A. shot
  • Flu Shot
  • Malaria pills (1 a week, 2 weeks before, during, and 4 weeks after)
  • Typhoid fever pills (every other day, for 8 days)
  • some major diarrhea medicine (only to be taken in an emergency diarrhea situation, the pharmacist probably thought I was kind of a freak because I couldn’t stop giggling about this one)

All the vaccinations were free since Kaiser is an HMO, (finally something to be happy with Kaiser about), and the pills ended up being about $80 total. So considering that it’s usually around $400 to get completely done with travel shots, I think I made out pretty well. As for the next day, I feel pretty achy. Hopefully this doesn’t last too long…