I Love Portland, Oregon, USA

June 12, 2008

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I spent the night in Beijing, in a neighborhood close to the airport. It was funny being back in China. I wandered around the neighborhood and went to the grocery store to get snacks (and cucumber chips). After a day of exploring, I was back at the airport and on my flight home. Funny side note: 2 Chinese girls in the tea shop at the airport were laughing at me, so I smiled and asked them what was so funny. They of course laughed even more (& covered their mouths with their hands) and then said “your hair on arms is gold.” and then they burst into giggles again, pointing at my arms and then showing me their arms. lol, hilarious ending to China.

It was so great walking into the Portland airport and seeing familiar faces. I’m so excited to be back! I love Portland and I love America.