Next Generation Nepal: Forkover Friday Week 3

January 28, 2011

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Since I tossed around the idea of my Forkover Friday Project for a bit, it’s now past the 3rd week in January, so I have a few things to catch up on! As previously mentioned, this project was inspired by Kelsey Timmerman’s #ten4tues project. His blog is currently being “held hostage” by The Little Princes and Next Generation Nepal.

What is Next Generation Nepal?

The short story is that Conor Grennan went on an around the world trip, and started by volunteering for 3 months in Nepal at an orphanage. He ended up learning that many of the kids were trafficked — families in remote villages wanting to protect their children from the civil war were conned by child traffickers who then just abandon the children in Kathmandu. Conor returned to Nepal, setup Next Generation Nepal which helps reconnect trafficked children with their parents. Inspiring.

How we can help:

1. Buy Little Princes – a portion of sales goes to NGN.
2. Donate directly to Next Generation Nepal.
3. Request that your local library purchase Little Princes – you can usually do this online.
4. Like Next Generation Nepal on Facebook.

Forkover Friday Week 3
Who it helps: little ones!
What non-profit: Next Generation Nepal
Where: Nepal
Why: hello, Nepalese kiddos being reunited with their families. enough said.

Where should I give next week?