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Point Reyes Bay Blue Cheese – Chocolate, Cheese, & Booze

June 10, 2013

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A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a Kickstarter campaign for a ‘community supported cheese club’ from Cyril’s at Clay Pigeon (a new Portland urban winery). Cheese? Intriguing. So I bought the $10 “I want to attend the party only” option, and then after tasting the amazing blue cheese – from Point Reyes – I upgraded to the “I’m taking a pound of this magic home” option.

Point Reyes is a family farm on the Northern California coast. And of course, they have the most adorable story… Italian immigrant farmers, three generations later they were dairy farmers, raising four girls. All four girls came back to the farm after college and starting careers, to help with the dream of making an artisanal cheese. Hello, amazing blue cheese.

I think Sasha, from Cyril’s, put it quite well that it has kind of a ‘butterscotch’ taste to it. And it’s super smooth and delicious. Since I bought a pound of it, I had the chance to try out a lot of different things. My favorite may have been just snacking on it, but I also made blue cheese burgers with caramelized onions, omelettes, sandwiches, and more snacking.

Chocolate, Cheese, & Booze

Oh yeah! Last week, I stumbled across a design file that I’d done on a flight at some point last year called chocolate, cheese, & booze, with the idea that I’d highlight tasty items I’ve consumed that fall in this category. So here’s a start. Now I can move this to my ‘finished designs’ folder. Boom.