Potomac Fever at The Washington Design Center

October 9, 2009

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This is another guest post by the Soybean. It’s been a while since she did a guest post — clearly she’s been busy with some mundane things… such as petting the Obamas’ dog, Bo! Sigh…
DC Design House Kalorama ParlorI think I may be coming down with something… and it would have to be Potomac Fever. The Washington Design Center’s Fall Design House has the theme of Potomac Fever, which they define as “the disease one catches after coming to D.C. and seeing all the things this great city has to celebrate – history, political power, eclectic neighborhoods, culture and art.” I’d have to concur!

Great theme and an amazing house. I had the chance to visit last week and spent a good hour wandering through the house, admiring the designs and snapping pictures. It was a quick Metro trip from Georgetown (blue or orange line to Federal Center). For those unfamiliar with the DC Design Center’s Design House, it’s a “Street of Dreams” concept, but each room is created by a different designer …and of course there’s a focus on STYLE rather than EXPENSE. You’ll have no “Oh look, there are three TV’s in the bathroom” moments here.

I loved the mood boards the designers displayed in the entry way. It was nice to see the thought process, materials and color palettes. Even though each room represents a different district or neighborhood, as a whole it, feels very natural and the rooms transition well. Let the tour commence.