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October 14, 2007

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I finally tackled the cord octopus! After buying 2 power strips at IKEA, I cut another hole in the back of my TV bench and moved all of my electronic stuff all into the same area. And all the cords are behind the bench. My top accomplishment of the week! :)
Wireless router, cable modem, cable splitter, Nintendo Wii, and controllers were all in a tangled pile in the corner.

Before - The Cord Octopus


Now the VCR, DVD player and controllers etc. are in the left cubby, while DVDs, Wii, wireless router, cable modem etc. are on the right.
OK, I also bought a striped pillow today, but that’s small news compared to my new organized TV area.
New striped pillow

  • Mangahunter
    September 4, 2009 at 11:31 am

    Your right this is a big accomplishment, my room looks exactly the same :( . I really need to fix it like you, thank you for the motivation maybe I do it tomorrow. :)