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10 Things That Make Me Happy {July}

July 31, 2010

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Last day of July. Shocking. Time for 10 things that make me happy July edition…

1. biking – I’ve been biking up a storm this month. Other than the streetcar, it’s my main mode of transportation, along with the occasional Zipcar. Anyway, I have such a crush on this bicycle. I want. Dear Savings account, can I use some of my first-time homebuyer tax credit for this? Public D3 $690

2. yoga – I started my 30 day yoga challenge a couple of weeks ago, and then took a 4 day hamstring break after my first ever Bikram (hot) yoga class. Intense! So I’m back on track now — 10 days in (6 days/week), 20 to go! Watch out.

3. iPhone 4 – get over it, yeah?  As mentioned… LOVE! How did I survive without one? :P And the daily food photos continue. My only complaint is that it’s not that great as an actual phone, not that I actually use it for the phone aspect too much.

4. Hobo International Clover Wristlet – I’ve been wanting a clutch (wristlet, whatever you want to call it) for a while now. However, most of them seem to be the size of binders, so I’m loving this smaller, vintage-y one that I found at Rue by Hobo. rue la la invite

5. Pastis – One of my favorite summer drinks. Water + pastis. It’s like being in Marseilles again!

6. Scheming. Dreaming. Iceland. $458 Seattle to Reykjavík. (waving goodbye to getting a new bike). Iceland: Sigur Ros, blue lagoon, Icelandic ponies, Eyjafjallajökull volcano… cannot wait! Also, I’m pretty sure that I’ll have a chance meeting with one of the lovely gentleman of Sigur Ros: fall in love, live happily ever after in Iceland, and have like 1,000,000 Icelandic babies. Yep.

7. Google Docs – humor me in my Google fangirl moments. So they’ve had tons of new changes lately, enough for me to quit my whinging about how all the Excel formulas that I’m used to aren’t working, and you can copy tabs to a new doc now, and rumors are circulating that you’ll soon be able to login to more than 1 Google Account in 1 browser. I think I’m a little bit, a little bit in love with Google.

8. Ice cream sandwiches – I tried out the Martha Stewart recipe for classic ice cream sandwiches. Tasty. I’ve also been a little obsessed with the coconut ice cream bars by Paleteria La Michoacana from the dreaded land of Costco.

9. Lululemon yoga pants – I finally bought a pair of Lululemon pants. Half of me is annoyed with Lululemon for being so damn expensive, but they are incredibly comfy shorts and after I got my first-time home buyer credit, I decided it was kosher to spend 1% (eek!) on some sweet ass pants. I also really love their company and they have free yoga classes in-store twice a week. :) Lululemon Astro Crop

10. Oregon coast – love.

What’s on your list lately?

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