My 2014 Goals

January 4, 2014

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Happy new year from the sunshine state!

Now that I’ve reviewed 2013, here’s what’s cooking for 2014…

My 2014 Goals:

  • Live / work remotely for at least a month – internationally this year
  • Blog twice a month here on Powered by Tofu and weekly on my business blog
  • Max out my IRA
  • Go to a conference again
  • Run another half marathon and another shorter race (8k or 10k)
  • Pick a monthly fitness challenge (this month I’m doing the new Nike+ Coach 5k Intermediate program)
  • See my niece 3-4x (I better get going on this one!)
  • Visit a new North American city (San Francisco was last year, thinking Boston or the other Portland)
  • Pick a new “thing” every month (Duolingo, Codecademy etc) to do for 30 days
  • the rest of my goals are a secret

Did you do a year-end review and a 2014 plan? Download my free goals template here.

What’s on your list for this new year?