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#5: Finish my MBA

December 29, 2007

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I’m finally done! After 2 years of part-time classes, I’m officially done with my MBA! After undergrad, I had no intentions of getting my MBA, and I’m glad that I took some time away from school before going back. It gives you some perspective on what you’re learning.

What did I learn? Not what I thought I was going to learn. When we first started the program, one of the professors said that getting your MBA usually isn’t about what you think you’re there for. After the first year, that really sunk in. So yes, I learned how to apply business school principles to my job, but more than just statistical analysis and economic theory (which are helpful if you know when and how to use them), I learned about myself. Yes, that sounds kind of cliché, but I don’t really care. There’s definitely something to be said for everything you learn in business school, but the process is just as important. Note: I did not just use the word “journey”. OK, I’m going to go buy a wooden bead necklace, practice meditation and drive a Pious, I mean a Prius; maybe later I’ll stop wearing a bra and discuss my personal vision. :)