#60: Sign up for Netflix again

October 11, 2007

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Dear Netflix, how do you know the Movies I’ll <3

So I signed up for Netflix again. It’s been several months since I did the free trial, and now that we’re heading into fall, I think I’ll actually use it. I do have one complaint though, ok make that two…

#1: Why are all the “Watch Instantly” movies total crap? I love the “Watch Instantly” platform, genius in comparison to Amazon Unbox and Movielink (smart move Blockbuster). However, Movielink and Unbox actually have new movies on theirs. Since I get 5 hrs of “watch instantly” time, I’d like to actually be able to use it.

#2: I’d like to see a sharing kind of plan, where you can specify two addresses and pick which address you want to be the main Queue address. Netflix has probably already decided this could to easily be abused and they’d lose revenue, but I think it would be neat. Eh, probably totally unnecessary.