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Answer Me This: Can You Eat Bears In Bulgaria?

July 29, 2009

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light-bulb-ideaAnswer me this! Reviewing my keyword traffic sources in Google Analytics can occasionally be an amusing experience. A recent favorite: “Can You Eat Bears In Bulgaria?” Dear Internet Searcher: No, probably not — but there aren’t yet any laws about them eating you! You can, however, visit the Dancing Bear Sanctuary near Bansko. Read on for more amusing internet searches and my [less amusing] answers!

More “Answer Me This!” fun…

  • Is Greece expensive to visit? That depends! As long as you stay clear of Mykonos, you’ll find budget options all through the Cyclades islands. I paid 20 Euros/night for a single room with a balcony and A/C in Naxos, add in your 3 Euro bike rental, 2 Euro gyro, 2 Euro gelato… and you’re on a budget path to luxury living!
  • What is it in rhubarb that makes me happy? I have pondered the same thing on occasion… maybe it’s the mix of sweet and sour or just how yummy it is in a turnover.
  • Can saliva make you live someone else’s life? This totally seems like something Tom Cruise would know…
  • Do metros run on Bastille Day? In France? Yes, unless they’re on strike! (Marseilles & Paris, anyway)
  • Does IKEA sell ladders? Probably just for rickety bunk beds.
  • How many people does the McMenamins Edgefield concert on the lawn hold? I’m not sure, maybe you should ask them.
  • How to make a ladder? It’s probably safer to buy one…
  • How to make tofu in Vietnam? The same way the Japanese do?
  • On Intrepid tours can couples room together? Only if they’re married… I’m kidding! Of course, that’d just be creepy otherwise.
  • Is Bastille day like the 4th of July? In the sense that it’s like an Independence Day, yes. However it commemorates the storming of the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 1789.
  • Is GAP Adventures a good way to pick up chicks? Statistically speaking… probably — since there are more females than males on GAP trips.
  • Is there a Starbucks in Veliko Tarnovo? Nope, but I’m pretty sure there was one in Sofia.
  • For margherita pizza do you bake the basil? Yes, but I put the tomatoes on top, so it doesn’t burn the basil.
  • A massage girl in Malaysia? Oh dear…
  • What’s the safest place to watch fireworks on Bastille day? Under the Eiffel Tower with millions of people?
  • Is Seth Godin a vegan? I don’t know… ask him.
  • Should I live in Bend, Oregon? Decidedly so! They get 300 days of sun a year!
  • Traveling to Greece and Turkey this fall – should i buy olive oils in Turkey or Greece? Either! Which ever country you’re going to last, so you don’t have to carry it around.
  • What are the things that makes me happy? I couldn’t tell you, but here are some things that make me happy!
  • What happens on the fourth of July in France in every year? Absolutely nothing…
  • What to wear for a concert at Edgefield? shorts, tank & flippy floppies!
  • People eat tarantulas in Vietnam? Usually Cambodia.
  • I’ve been to Malaysia. Yep, so have I!
  • I listen to the Economist while cooking. Thanks for the tip!
  • Things that make me unique? That you Googled that question! Hmmm… Probably not something you can learn on the Interwebs.
  • 10 Reasons to be Greek. I can help you with 10 Reasons to Visit Greece
  • Where are my tomatoes? I was wondering that a few weeks ago too, but it looks like they’re finally growing!
  • Where to travel when you are 55 year old woman for adventure? Everywhere! New Zealand and Japan would be a good starting point, but for the more adventurous try Cambodia, Morocco or Central America.
  • Zip loc bags instead of compression bags for packing? I concur! Check out my Packing List
  • What to wear to Bulgaria & Romania? Lime green mini skirts were fairly popular among the local lasses, but you might be more comfortable in jeans/long shorts and tank tops.
  • Baking your way through a quarter-life crisis? That sounds like a brilliant idea!
  • Going to the Whitsundays by myself? Yes! Sailing the Whitsundays was one of my favorite experiences in Australia.
  • How do I stop saying “yeah”? Try traveling somewhere that you don’t speak the language

OK, this geeked out post is done!  :)

  • Stephanie
    August 11, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    This is hilarious! Someone once found my blog googling “Cave Woman Love Story.” Not sure if that’s hilarious or creepy…