Apartment Therapy Week 3 – The Landing Strip

March 30, 2010

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love-it-or-leave-itWeek 3 is all about the hallway/entryway… Translation: I don’t have too much to do this week! :) Last time I did the cure, I found the landing strip week to be fairly quick, and my apartment hasn’t changed too much in the last few years. The only changes being that I sold my hat/coat racks when I went traveling and my new apartment has a gold-ish yellow entryway instead of silver-ish grey.

I got a new Love It or Leave It coat rack from Urban Outfitters, which I… love, and framed the Going To See My Baby bicycle print that I bought at Flatstock Seattle during Bumbershoot this year (by Strawberry Luna).

Week 3 To Do List:

  • Vacuum/dust
  • Clean entryway and closet
  • Declutter entrance
  • Move all old mail, catalogs, magazines to the Outbox
  • Look into what you would need to create a Landing Strip –  I still have my 2 IKEA boxes
  • Cancel any unused subscriptions
  • Identify cool rooms and warm rooms
  • Apply the 80/20 color rule
  • Cook two meals at home this week
  • Design an invitation for your housewarming

I do have a bit of decluttering to do though…