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Best Breakfast in Portland – 15 Must-Try Brunch Spots

Jam on Hawthorne blueberry pancakes

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I’m always in search of the best breakfast in Portland! Here are 15 of my favorite brunch spots and what to order. Plus, the important stuff, like if you get to have coffee while waiting in the brunch line!

One of the most popular Portland breakfast experience is Mother’s Bistro. It’s where the guidebooks tell you to go and where other visitors tell you to go. And it’s also where strangers who find out you’re from Portland will mention (“Oh Portland! Voodoo Donuts, breakfast at Mothers, Powell’s Books!”). It’s agreeably a fantastic brunch spot, but I argue that there are a dozen equally as tasty places to get your morning fix. So if you still want “the Portland experience” but aren’t afraid to try somewhere other than what’s trending on Fourquare every Sunday (due to visitors, I’d say), try one of the following spots. Don’t worry, you’ll still have to wait in line. We love our brunch.

Best Portland Brunch Spots:

Screen Door

Portland’s biggest “not a secret” brunch spot. Come for the fried chicken piled on top of your waffles and the bloody mary.
Coffee while you wait (and wait, and wait)!

Jam on Hawthorne

Jam on Hawthorne blueberry pancakes - best breakfast in Portland? top 15

This seriously charming and quirky spot on… Hawthorne, recently expanded to next store, so you’ll have your choice of Big Jam and Little Jam. If you want the more intimate and quirky service of the original Jam, put yourself on the list for Little Jam. Order Ty’s Big Breakfast, the Loaded Bowl, or Lemon Ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce.
Coffee while you wait.


A little taste of Sweden right here in Portland. If you craving xx or xx Broder is your spot. Order the aebelskivers with lingonberry sauce and lemon curd.
Coffee while you wait next door at Savoy.

Waffle Window

Attached to Bread & Ink cafe off Hawthorne, Waffle Window is a great chance to go 1/2 cart 1/2 restaurant by ordering your liege waffle from a window. Order the 3 Bs or Tomato B with Brie, Basil, and Tomato. If it’s summer treat yourself to dessert with a seasonal berry waffle. Outdoor and indoor seating on the right in Bread & Ink cafe.
No coffee while you wait.

Pine State Biscuits

With two locations and a farmers market outpost, you’d think Pine State would be a short line. This is definitely not the case, but it’s worth the wait. Order the biscuits (hash browns are massive if you’re craving a side). And the veggie gravy is actually good here.
No coffee while you wait, unless you’re able to sneak inside and snag a cup and use the self-serve. You’ll get some glares from your fellow line go-ers though.


An original Portland landmark, Besaw’s was an old saloon for the timber workers in the early 1900s. They even have an original mahogany bar. You can read more about their history here. Order the omelette or waffles. Great mimosas too!
Coffee while you wait.

Tasty & Sons

If you feel like sharing, head to Tasty & Sons for a tapas style breakfast. Just over a year old Tasty and Sons is still a super trendy breakfast spot, so expect a long Screen Door-ish wait. The good news, you can put your name on the list and go visit neighborhood shops like Lark Press, Peat, and Queen Bee. Order the fritata, and biscuits, and the potato dish. Also check out their new outpost downtown at Tasty n Alder.
Coffee while you wait.

Petite Provence

On the Portland breakfast scene longer than most of the other places on this list combined, Petite Provence is like a Parisian bakery mixed with Portland brunch. Go for the omelette and chocolate muffin or just about anything from the pastry side. Skip the standard coffee here and go straight for a massive and cheery yellow mug of caffe au lei. They now have a second outpost up on Alberta.

Tin Shed

Up on Alberta, Tin Shed has excellent scrambles… and there’s a cool patio area for summer. Plus, they’re dog friendly. You can pretend you have a dog, without the commitment.
Coffee while you wait

Bar Carlo

If you’re looking to get out of the downtown/inner SE core of Portland, check out Bar Carlo out on Halsey and 72nd. Great migas, huevos rancheros and seasonal options. Service has be known to be spotty, but still a great breakfast.
Coffee while you wait.

Big Egg

If you’re looking to hit Portland’s food cart and breakfast scene in one go, check out Big Egg at Portland first food cart pod on N Mississippi.
Coffee at another cart while you wait.

Veritable Quandry

Not in the mood to wait in line for breakfast? VQ is better known for their dinner/bar menus, but they have a decent breakfast selection. Although a tad more expensive than the other breakfast options in town. Order the Chilequiles.


Feeling like a Cuban morning? Head over to NE 28th for huevos a la Cubana. And order the best cafe con leche in town!


Accanto often feels like a hidden gem on the Portland breakfast scene. There’s typically no wait because I think we all overlook it as an Italian place for dinner. Great brunch too!

Mother’s Bistro

And then there’s always Mothers.

What’s your favorite breakfast place in Portland?