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10 Things To Eat in Portland – My Favorite Food & Drinks!

May 22, 2012

Exploring Portland’s foodie offerings has become one of our city’s best tourist attractions. While we don’t have a notoriously tall tower or world-famous museums to check off your list, we do have some of the world’s best food carts and coffee shops. And hands down the best cheap eats in the country. When it comes to things to eat in Portland – from coffee to cocktails, and vegan burgers to breakfast scrambles, here are ten things you should consider putting in your mouth the next time you’re in the Rose City.

Things to eat in Portland:

1. Latte or pour-over at Public Domain

latte Public Domain - things to drink in Portland

Yeah, you’ve heard of Stumptown and Barista and Ristretto. Forget them. No not really, you can go there tomorrow… or this afternoon. Grab a latte, get a small dose of silly and/or sarcasm from your barista and then plop down at the window bar to people watch for a few. Public Domain $3

2. Vegetarian bacon cheeseburger with Tillamook cheese + avocado at DC Vegetarian Cart

burger DC Vegetarian things to eat in Portland

Hungry? The best veggie burger in Portland IMO. If you find yourself downtown between Powell’s and the river (you will), stop by DC Vegetarian Cart on SW 3rd & Stark for a $5.75 wonder of a burger. And yes, you want to add the $.75 avocado. DC Vegetarian $5.75

3. Udon at Biwa

biwa udon noodles

Stay simple with an order of Udon at Portland’s hip take on a Japanese noodle house. If you’re still hungry, add on something little from the grill, like the tofu dengaku, or get adventurous with the sake menu. If you have extra time, swing by the Doug Fir two block to the north to catch a $10 show after. Biwa $9

4. Beer at Old Lompoc’s 5th Quadrant

Lompoc beer

Seeking a bit of that unpretentious neighborhood pub feel? Head over to N Williams’ 5th Quadrant by Lompoc for outstanding beer ($2.50 pints on Tuesdays!) and nachos. Eat outside on the picnic tables and watch how the hipster world of NE operates. 5th Quads neighbors include the Lodekka dress bus and the ever-trendy Tasty n Sons breakfast tapas. Make sure to swing around the corner and check out Old Lompoc’s Sidebar. Lompoc

5. Drinking vinegar cocktails at Pok Pok

Pok Pok drinking vinegars

Cocktails with a unique twist of drinking vinegar. If there’s a a wait at Pok Pok, just grab a drink across the street at Whiskey Soda Lounge. Pok Pok $8

6. Brekkie at Jam on Hawthorne

blueberry ricotta pancakes at Jam Hawthorne

If you don’t manage to make it to Jam early, at least you can sip Stumptown coffee on the sidewalk while you wait your turn. You can’t go wrong with the lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote or the infamous Ty’s Big Breakfast. One of our favorite Portland brunch spots.

7. Roasted squash sandwich at Bunk Bar

bunk bar sandwiches

Order at the window, and then snag a booth in the sunshine (unless it’s between November and April). Check their website for the occasional show and you might just get to see an indie band like Handsome Furs or a local band like Pegasus Dream. Bunk Bar $8

8. Cheese plate & cocktails at Bar Avignon

Bar avignon

Bar Avignon is the perfect happy hour stop. Try the pastis (if pastis isn’t your thing, you won’t be disappointed with the wine, beer and cocktail selection) and a sampling of artisan cheese & charcuterie. Bar Avignon

9. Veggie mezza at Ya Hala

Fantastic Lebanese food in Portland? Believe it. Order the veggie mezza family style and don’t forget to check out the store on your way out. Ya Hala $10

10. Lemon tart & Rogue chocolate stout at Pix Patisserie

pix patisserie

Perfect for those with a late-night sweet tooth, stop by Pix Patisserie (SE or North Portland) for some DIY dessert and drink pairings. Need some help? You won’t be sorry if you go with the tarte au citron and a Rogue chocolate stout. Perfection.

What are your favorite things to eat in Portland?

Photos: amyselleck, DC Veg, unavoidablegrain, nwbeerguide, and myself.