Hey, Love, You Want Some Chicken?

April 26, 2008

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So I’m standing in the coffee shop this morning, waiting for my take-away and “boo!” Amanda appears. They decided to not spend an extra day in ChCh, so we’re on the same bus again! So I’ve already done the the Christchurch to Kaikoura bus trip, and the deja-vu part is that we happen to have the same driver that I had last time too. After leaving Christchurch we stopped at a few places and arrived in Kaikoura around 11:30am. I ended up being the last person to check in at the hostel, and what do you know, they stuck me in a room with some old, creepy Scottish guy. I walk in and some old guy is in there, totally off his face, and it’s like 20 Questions time. “Do you have a boyfriend?”, “Are you traveling alone?” while creepily staring as I unpacked my bag to do laundry. After I got my laundry together, he’s like “Where ya goin’?” And I was like “to do laundry”. Creepy laugh, “I might just put some of mine in there too, heh heh heh.” Riiiiiight, so I dropped my stuff off at the washing machine and then went downstairs to get a different room. They asked why, and I said “because there’s a creepy old guy in my room!” :) Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. After lunch, I went down to the pebble beach and then we all watched a movie at the hostel. Oh and creepy Scottish guy was downstairs again. At this point, he’s drinking straight out of a wine bottle and saying “love, hey love, you want some chicken?” and laughing to himself. Now that he’s not my roommate anymore, I can laugh about it.

After the movie, we went out for dinner. I ended up with a gigantic pizza, so I have half of it leftover for tomorrow. :) Then we just hung out at the hostel all evening.