The Pizza Thief

April 27, 2008

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So this morning when I checked the fridge, two pieces of my leftover pizza were gone, and in their place were two $2 coins. I was mad that someone stole my pizza, but then I just started laughing, because no one ever steals food out of the fridge and compensates you for it. It had to have been JP because he was the only one who got up early, to go surfing. I’m pretty protective of my food, but the money idea totally cracked me up.

We arrived at the Picton ferry at noon, and ate our picnic lunches at the terminal. I slept most of the way over to Wellington. When I walked into the hostel, I bumped into my favorite Irishman in the kitchen. I hadn’t seen him since the first Queenstown stop, so we all went out after dinner. It ended up being pub quiz night and we placed 2nd!