Why No Trumpets?

August 9, 2008

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why-no-trumpetsThis morning, after breakfast, I wandered back into town. After checking out the Internet place, I walked back up to the Citadel and looked at all the main sights on my map.  The covered staircase was especially cool. After circling back down to the Citadel, I sat in the old church and listened to organ music, checked out the Torture museum and had a lunch in the square. I went to find the vegetable/fruit market, but it was already closed for the day. It’s nice to have a day by myself! This afternoon, I did some laundry in my sink, had a cappucino outside, painted my nails and wrote postcards. Such a busy and exciting day. ;) On that note, it’s time for my daily “what did I eat today” time! I’ve been craving vegetables for days.  So I ordered a tomato salad for dinner, with maize and sour cream and breaded cheese, and a Ciuc. So when you order a tomato salad in Eastern Europe, you get a tomato sliced on a plate. Salad does not mean lettuce, in fact, I haven’t seen a salad that has included lettuce, yet! But since learning that, I order a tomato “salad” just so I can put tomatoes on everything that I order. Everything else being cheese or… wait for it… potatoes. ;)