Biking Pacific Northwest

Biking the San Juan Islands

June 2, 2011

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I went on my first bike trip over Memorial Day weekend! It didn’t involve camping or biking for several days continuously. But I’m still referring to it as a bike trip, since we arrived by bike on the ferry and did a 20 miles round trip ride from Friday Harbor out to Roche Harbor. Here’s our trip report and info on biking the San Juan Islands.

It was so fun to cross over on the ferry with just my bike and a little backpack and be set for the whole weekend!

My Weekend Getaway in Pictures:

ferry to the San Juans… I love the Washington State ferries, takes me back to my giddy 5 year old self.

my bike’s first ferry ride

traveling light by bike on the ferry

Boat shopping in Friday Harbor

Bike parking in Roche Harbor

Lime Kiln Cafe – my recommendation may be slightly skewed by hunger after our 9.5 mile ride, but yummm!

post-brekkie bocce ball

It’s a hard life…

Rode past this camel on the way home. Camels on islands… hmmm…

Not gonna lie, I was coveting everyone’s road bikes on the way home. Hoo-rah for finally reaching Friday Harbor Town Limits!

Much deserved post-ride dinner at Downriggers – blackened salmon sandwich with sweet potato fries

Last ferry of the day arriving at Friday Harbor

Morning walk with carrot apple ginger juice

Farewell Friday Harbor! I’ll be back.

San Juan Islands 2-night trip costs:
Gas – $20
Parking – $13
Ferry ticket – $15
2 nights cottage rental in Friday Harbor- $60 (split between 6 people)
Food – too much! Probably $100ish?
Entertainment: free!
Total: $200ish

Have you biked the San Juans?