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Favorite Places + Biking + Rain = Weekly Love

May 30, 2012

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Have I mentioned yet that it’s good to be home? I covered a surprising amount of ground in the last week — visiting some of my favorite Portland places like Rum Club, 12th/Hawthorne food carts, Laurelhurst Theater, Boke Bowl, and the farmers market. I also got to check out a few new places. Home, sweet, home.

This Week:

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen – I found my new favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Portland.
Bishop’s Close – I love discovering new [to me] parks in town. We went to the Elk Gardens at Bishop’s Close this weekend and it’s like a quiet, free version of the Japanese Gardens on a sprawling grounds overlooking the Willamette. I’ll definitely be back for more salamander, duck, and giant tree spotting.
Brewery biking – Felt almost like summer biking to Hair of the Dog & The Commons Brewery, before biking up to North Portland just before an epic downpour… Yes, I said almost like summer.
Portland Farmers Market – I love my Saturday morning routine of the farmers market.
The Drift Inn – one of my favorite restaurants on the Central Oregon coast, I usually always stop in when visiting my family at the coast.
The Old Gold – I’ve had The Old Gold in North Portland on my Yelp bookmarks since it opened, and finally made a point to go on Sunday. Cool place. If I lived in the neighborhood, I’d be here all the time. It’s also good to be back to Oregon prices on tasty beer.
Portland food carts – My first week back I of course hit two of my favs: Pyro Pizza & Perierra Creperie. I also tried the New Taste of India cart downtown. $6 for the veg lunch, I’ll be back to this one too.

What are you happy about this week?