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Salt & Straw + Tram Views + Amnesia = Weekly Love

June 6, 2012

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June is one of my favorite months of the year — for it brings summer, the longest day of light for the year, and a few months of less rain. Oh, and my birthday.

This Week:

Salt & Straw Ice Creamnaturally, I had to order the pear with blue cheese (Rogue Creamer’s Crater Lake) from Salt & Straw. It was fantastic.

Mt Tabor – my grandma came for a short visit, so we went to one of her favorite restaurants — Ya Hala, followed by a stroll around Mt Tabor. I also took her on the Tram from OHSU to the Waterfront. :) Some of my favorite views of the city.

The Box Social – stopped in for one cocktail at The Box Social, another fairly newish place that popped up on N Williams this year. Although they’re of the $8 variety, the Cynar Manhattan was complex enough that I only wanted one. And I love the name, although it seems like it should be a to-go picnic supply shop. :)

Amnesia’s Single Hop Fest – We biked up to Amnesia for their Single Hop Fest over the weekend. I love beer fests that are pay as you go. So much better than buying a silly cup and a gazillion drink tickets! My favorite beer was the Double Mountain Clusterf#*k IPA. Now if only the Portland Beer & Cheese Fest (cheese by Cheese Bar!) in a few weeks was pay as you go too.

Bolt – Considering a sewing project this month. We shall see if that gets accomplished.

What are you happy about this week?