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Street Art in Valencia – 19 of My Favorite “Graffiti” Paintings

April 30, 2014

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Exiting the metro on our first night in Valencia, we navigated through the tiny streets of the Mercat and El Carmen neighborhood. We seemed to be the only ones on the street. It felt a little post-apocalyptic, walking past abandoned lots, half crumbling buildings that didn’t even look to be under construction, and shuttered business with roll-down doors. This will all look different tomorrow I thought. And then we rounded a corner and saw our first (of many) Valencia street art. Street art in Valencia is large scale, interesting, and a bit dark.

There are several high-profile artists from Valencia (here’s a bigger list). Escif and Hyuro were two that I was able to start recognizing from their style. From our first night in Valencia, it became a fun surprise to round a corner in the old town and come across an amazing piece of art or graffiti or whatever you want to call it. I am by no means an expert on street art, but here are some of my favorites while in the city.

Graffiti Valencia - horse and snail

Horse and snails on Carrer de Sant Dionis

Cat graffiti

Cat on Carrer de Salvador Giner

Rabbits and banana

Aerobik Karaoke – bunnies and banana on Carrer de la Corona


Hyuro – wolves and cars on the south side of the Central Market

Hyuro street art

More Hyuro street art – Gentrification – on Carrer de les Carabasses


Distraerse (distracted) – more Hyuro near El Mercat

Escif Valencia

Escif in Plaza del Tossal in El Carmen, Valencia

el Carmen Graffiti

The neighboring wall – Moses with Euro and Dollar tablets and the most terrifying facial hair.

Colorful street art in Valencia

Colorful street art didn’t seem as common as the contrast-heavy thoughtful pieces, which made some of these colorful lighter pieces stand out.

Anime & Dead streetart

More colorful pieces in El Carmen

Mummy graffiti

The size of this one on the side of a building on Carrer de Sant Miguel

Rolldown graffiti

Nothing fancy here, just a fun look at how the rolldown shop doors are used for advertising and graffiti when not rolled up for daytime business.


Kind of a strangely interesting one on Carrer de Guillem de Castro

Fairy tale graffiti

Fairy tale graffiti in el Carmen

Hot dog graffiti

One of three fast food pieces – hip! hop! don’t stop!

Valencia street art
“From here to fame” pizza


The Fast Food series by Escif 

Valencia graffiti

near Plaza de la Merce

Thanks to Instagram, I was able to learn who some of these pieces were created by. I tagged them #valencia and #streetart and then got a few comments from strangers identifying the pieces as as Escif etc.

What’s your favorite street art city?