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iPhone 4: Swoon! + Apps I Love

July 2, 2010

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I’ve been neglecting my blog… thanks to my new iPhone. Obsessed much? Yes. Best thing… like evah!

Favorite Apps

Google Maps – Yes, it’s a pretty standard map, but the geo-location feature is awesome (my gigantic shoe phone aka, Treo didn’t have the locating bit, and took about 5 hours to load). So example of awesomeness… yesterday I decided to ride my bike to Chipotle for lunch, so instead of trying to remember exactly where the downtown location was, I just started riding and then after I passed the Hawthorne bridge, I stopped to look at my phone… and ta da… I was only a few blocks away.

Foursquare – I’m the king of town. And no, I don’t Tweet “I’m at blah blah blah” every 5 minutes. I do enjoy ousting people as mayor and collecting badges though. Also, if you shout “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz” (a vuvuzela) or “Goooooooooal” you get a nifty World Cup badge. :)

Mint – If you know me in real life then you know I’m a huge Mint fan. I’ve probably asked you more than once if you’ve signed up yet. If only it was a pyramid scheme of some kind…

Groupon – Speaking of pyramid schemes and totally awesome apps… we’ve discussed my Groupon obsession, yes? Yes. So the deal part of the app isn’t that special, as I get the morning email anyway, but being able to use your Groupon from your iPhone is brilliant (I don’t own a printer). Also, I like being able to see all the Groupons I’ve already bought on a map, to see which is closest to me… exactly now.

Pandora – I like. – man shopping from your iPhone? Awesomeness.

Trivial Pursuit – I bought this app during the EA 1/2 off sale last week — totally worth 99 cents.

Words with Friends – I have 8 Scrabble games going right now.

Shazam – What is this song? Oh. This app makes me squeal and clap my hands.

Rue La La – another squeal-worthy app. Rue is my favorite sample sale site (Gilt is my 2nd fav and they also have an app, although the dept structure isn’t as nice as their website).  I especially love the picture flipping feature.

RedLaser – it’s a frickin’ laser beam. So I was at the store buying food for my kitteh, and I couldn’t tell if it was outrageously expensive or not. RedLaser said it was a deal. Score.

Chipotle – I like the idea for this app, but in practicality I prefer to actually go through line and ask for extra everything.

My24 – love being able to check class schedules from my phone.

Zipcar – I can now unlock my zipcar — and HONK THE HORN! — with my lovely iPhone. You can also reserve with the app, but really, the appeal to me is honking.

Sleep Cycle – it appears that I fall straight into a coma at night. My charts and graphs don’t look too much like the examples. Not sure if I’m doing it wrong or just an insanely heavy sleeper.

P Tracker Lite – TMI? Probably, but still a pretty cool app.

DailyBurn – I used the web-based version previously, so it was fun to be able to login and test it out. I’d like to try the barcode scanner feature, but surprise, surprise: I don’t want to pay for it.

iHandy Level – now that I own my place, I’m a little more concerned about getting nails in right the first time.

IKEA UK – I found the UK catalog app for when I just have to look at IKEA magic.

As you may have noticed, I’m kind of a fan of free apps. I think I will set up a new category in Mint, titled “Apps” and my budget shall be $1.98/month.

Brief complaints: #1: Remember the Milk app I am not interested in paying for with so many stellar free options. #fail. #2: ESPN World Cup app asks me if I want to pay every time I open it. #ithoughtitwouldbebetter

What’s your favorite iPhone app? What am I missing out on?

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    July 11, 2010 at 7:01 am

    shazam rocks