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Answer Me This: Is Palinka Strong?

September 28, 2009

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palinka-maramures-romaniaIt’s time for another installment of Answer me this! — in which I chat about amusing (to me, anyway!) keywords that people have searched for and unwittingly arrived at my blog.  Following the bear theme from last time (seriously, why are we so preoccupied with bears?): “What do bears in Oregon like to eat?” Well my dear Internet, I’ll try to remember to ask my favorite bear next time we chat. I’ll bet it was that Oregon coast woman (who was sentenced for feeding bears in her yard), who was searching for that one.

  • You should read about bears that like to go shopping Thank you for the lovely tip. Where might these bears shop? Maybe at Build-A-Bear workshops!
  • I’m tired of eating frozen vegan food I would be too! Might I suggest Brazilian Black Beans, Beets & Rice?
  • Things that makes Santa happy For risk of you thinking I’m a horrible person, I’ll just say hot chocolate and lists? (I wasn’t the kind of child who believed in Santa. The logistics just never worked out for my realist mind. I’m officially “unfun” now.)
  • Things to beware of in Greece 1. That you might fall in love with the country and not want to leave. 2. That the food will be too delicious, the beaches too grand, the ouzo too strong, and the people too friendly. 3. That Mykonos is over-rated and damn expensive!
  • Asking forgiveness, not permission? Yes, I highly recommend it. After a lifelong struggle with authority, it’s a fairly safe method to live by. ;)
  • 10 things you must have on a yacht Hmmm… a sail, buoys, rope, life jackets, beer… well there are five things to start with anyway.
  • White water rafting in Spain with Royal Caribbean cruise? Only if you’re interested in paying 5x the regular price and hanging out with boring seniors (Hi Grandma, no you’re not boring, but you also wouldn’t go white water rafting, eh?)
  • Accidentally ate bugs in rice Unfortunate. I ate a bug on purpose.
  • Best Halloween rock songs Well, I did make an alternative/rock Halloween mix a few years ago.
  • As you continue to not answer me Well at least you’re not passive-aggressive, yeah? I am answering, dear Internet. That’s why this post is called “Answer me this!”
  • Cole Haan shoes in Bangkok Word to the wise: they’re probably not really Cole Haan.
  • How do I know what pictures to hang in what room? May I suggest Apartment Therapy – the eight-step home cure.
  • Powered by tofu unemployed Easy now, no need to rub it in!
  • How to pack a scarf Option 1: wear it. Option 2: stuff it in your bag.
  • Is Palinka strong? Decidedly so.

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