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Apartment Therapy – Week 7

October 22, 2007

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Colorful plants & potsIt’s the last room in the apartment – I’m almost done! I bought the IKEA pots/plants last week, so I think that about covers the “inspiring” part. I absolutely love the color combination of the pots and painting. So other than the general cleaning and organizing, this week I just need to decide on extra lighting and what to do with the other corner of my bedroom. I’m also looking into buying an iPod alarm clock, that will fit my iPod nano. Turning off my alarm clock in my sleep is now a permanent habit.

Week 7 – The Bedroom
Clean bedroom and closet
Buy an air filter for bedroom
Declutter the bedroom
Arrange the bed against the best wall
Make sure the bedroom is inspiring
Look into ways to improve sleep
Look for ways to reduce allergens
Buy iPod alarm clock
Consider extra lighting
Buy a new pillow