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Brazilian Black Beans: In Season Cooking

August 28, 2009

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beets-sprouting-garden Where did the summer go? At least the beets are finally ready to eat. Beets take ages to grow, not as bad as the parsley, but it feels like a lifetime! Next year I’ll be buying them from the farmers market, as the ones from our garden only got to golf ball size! :( So I decided to make a Brazilian Black Beans and Beets recipe from Everyday Food (my apologies if I seem a little obsessive over this mag, but it’s great for dinner inspiration)!

As usual, the recipe is available online at Martha Stewart. I haven’t been to Brazil, so I don’t know how authentic the recipe is (anyone?), but it was quite delicious and reminded me of all the rice and beans I ate in Costa Rica! You start with dried black beans and beets and let them cook for about an hour, before taking the beets out and cooking the beans longer. So you end up with beans over rice with diced beets and cheese on top. This recipe is more of a weekend meal, since it takes a few hours for the beans to cook. Delicious!


What have you been cooking lately?

  • Susan
    August 29, 2009 at 9:12 am

    I fell in love with black beans in El Salvador. I want to try that recipe!