Lost In Translation

March 14, 2008

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I love seeing a familiar face that looks like mine! :) I sat for about an hour at the Asahi Beer Tower (a very visible tower on the Tokyo skyline, as the “froth” on top of the building is nicknamed the golden turd) before my sister came up the escalator. She and her husband arrived in Tokyo last night. I’m so excited to see them after traveling for three weeks! We headed to the Asakusa district for lunch and touring the Sensoji temple. We probably did more catching up than touring this afternoon. :)

We planned to meet for dinner later in Shinjuku and I headed back to my hotel to pick up my bag and move to my hostel that’s closer to the Shinjuku area. It was pouring rain and rush hour on a Friday and I was so tired and frustrated. I finally got back on the JR line with my pack, transferred to the Shinjuku line, and finally arrived at my hostel. I’m staying at a capsule style hostel near Shinjuku, that has a floor for females. Regular capsule hostels are really cheap, but don’t allow female customers. :( Thankfully, my “capsule” is by the window and my pack fits in my locker. Since I’ll be here for about a week I dumped everything out of my pack. After unpacking I jumped back on the metro and then walked around and around Shinjuku station. The Shinjuku station is huge, it’s the busiest train station in the world with over 200 exists, so to say I wandered around (and around) several times is an understatement. I’ve often been accused of having internal GPS, so to pass the same exit several times was so frustrating! Well, I finally arrived at their hotel and decided that I needed a better strategy for navigating the station next time. :) After dinner, I started my long trek “home.” Oh and my new Shinjuku strategy is to find the biggest tourist attraction near where I want to go and then follow the signs for that exit only, much easier!