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13 Best Places to Go Kayaking & Paddle Boarding in Portland

September 26, 2021
elk rock

Portland is a river city, so there are plenty of kayaking and SUP opportunities close by. And we’re surrounded by mountains with lakes and forests, rivers, and the ocean. There are great places to go kayaking and paddle boarding (and canoeing) all over Oregon! So whether a day on the water means kayaking and wildlife spotting, or a hot summer day in your swimsuit paddleboarding one of Oregon’s…

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Fall in Portland: 87 Things to Do (Rain or Shine!)

September 21, 2021
Fall Leaves rainbow in Portland

As Portland bids adieu to another glorious season of sunshine, here are 87 reminders of why Portland is still a great city to be in autumn. Since the transition back to rainy season can be tough for even the most seasoned Pacific Northwesterners, I’ve put together a list of reasons to embrace the rain autumn yet another year. In no particular order, here are 87 things to do…

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17 Best Day Trips from Portland – Explore the Wonders of Oregon!

September 13, 2021
Best day trips from Portland Oregon

One of the best things about Portland is how close it is to a diverse amount of scenery. Beaches, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, forests. Oregon has some of the most wild and beautiful outdoor experiences, and jaw-dropping views. There are a lot of amazing places in NW Oregon and SW Washington that you can reach in a day’s drive from Portland. But to most of us, the point of…

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How to See the Swifts in Portland – Swift Watch at Chapman Elementary!

September 9, 2021
Swifts in Portland at Chapman elementary school

Almost every night in September – just before sunset – you’ll find people flocking to Chapman Elementary School in NW Portland. They’re watching the sky for the Vaux Swifts. And every night of the migration, like clockwork, the swifts dance through the sky above the old smokestack chimney, before darting into the chimney just after sunset in one big funnel of a dark cloud. Watching the swifts flying feels…

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Best Portland Breweries: Map & List of ALL 70+ Still Open in 2021

September 7, 2021
Portland breweries list

I keep a running list of all the breweries in Portland and which ones I still have to visit. The list is constantly growing as new breweries open and close. At one point in 2016, I was 1 away from completing my quest to visit all the breweries in Portland, Oregon. So here’s my Portland Beer list, freshly updated for 2021. Including: ALL the currently operating Portland breweries…

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Best Things About Fall: 81 Things To Love

September 1, 2021
Fall Things to Do - Things I Love About Fall

This month, we welcome another autumn into our lives. As a thoroughly predictable human being, every September I fight the changing season, and then start warming up to the idea after reminding myself of all the things to love about fall. I finally give in (short of relocating, what’s a Portlander to do?). This years autumnal equinox is September 22, so as the rains arrive, I’ll be re-reading…

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Portland in September – Events, Best Things to Do, and Weather

September 1, 2021
Sandy River rocks at Glenn Otto

Portland in September can be one of the hardest months to plan for! September used to be one of the best months to visit Portland. Because the shoulder season of good weather and less crowds. In the last five years though, almost every September has been marked by wildfire season. 2020 being the worst so far, causing the most devastation throughout the state in recent history. And air…

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Wahclella Falls Hike – An Easy & Stunning Columbia River Gorge Waterfall

August 27, 2021
Wahclella Falls Trail hike Columbia River Gorge Oregon

Wahclella Falls Trail is a short 2 mile out and back hike in the Columbia River Gorge near Cascade Locks, Oregon. Technically 1.9 miles (with a lollipop loop at the end) the Wahclella Falls hike is a quick and easy waterfall hike, and makes a nice day trip from Portland. The trailhead is only a 40 minute drive from Portland. I consider this waterfall hike to be a…

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Portland in August – Events, Things to Do, and Weather

August 1, 2021
August fruit loop

August in Portland is the busiest and hottest month of the year. Locals and tourists are out making use of every spare second of nice weather. Hiking, biking, patio dining and drinks – everything moves outside in summer in Portland. August can also bring some too hot weather. Most daily highs average in the low 80s though, but there are always 90-100s days sprinkled throughout the month. So…