Same, Same But Different

May 31, 2008

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Although I’ve been laughed at lately for this, there’s a reason I usually pack my bag the night before I have to leave early. Yesterday morning, it came in handy. I didn’t wake up to my alarm, and since I don’t have a roomie, I just kept sleeping! (I know, what a pain to have gotten stuck with my own room!) So I got ready in 15 minutes, and yes, that included a shower.

We bused to Hoi An, and arrived around noon. I’m so excited because our hotel has bikes! Yay for bikes. We rode our bikes into town and then several people went to get things tailored. If I ever come back to Hoi An, I will definitely get some things tailored, but I really don’t want to carry a bunch of stuff around right now.

This morning, I went on the snorkeling trip that goes out to an island near Hoi An. Unfortunately, I started feeling sea sick, especially after snorkeling in a wetsuit. Note to future wetsuit snorkelers: It’s not fun at all! So I sat on the boat for about 20 minutes, and we finally got to the island. By the time we arrived I was feeling better, but I decided to play it safe and just had rice and 7-Up for lunch. Then I laid in a hammock for several hours. So relaxing! Before we left, we had the option of taking a 10 minute walk to an island village. After 30 minutes of hiking uphill, we arrived at the village. It was kind of strange to see a village that exists without really being connected to the mainland.