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SeaWheeze Half Race Recap: 2014

September 1, 2014

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Do two halves make a whole?! Haha, SeaWheeze Half this year was the best ever! The stars aligned and I had such a great weekend. I PRed my time, weather was great, had a great concert post-party and didn’t injure myself like last year! My first half marathon was really fun, but also hard because I over-trained in the weeks leading up to the race and my IT band started hurting six miles in.

This year was a breeze compared to last year, and I was able to really push myself. I kept up a surprising pace for 13 miles and finished with the 2:10 pace beavers for a 10 minute mile pace! (Yes, they call them pace beavers for this race.) This has been my average pace this year, starting at Shamrock 15k in March, and the 10k in Bend was a bit faster, so I was happy with this half marathon pace.

Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon 2014 Finish Time: 2:11:34 (10:02 pace)

Post-Wheeze After Party

The concert this year was also amazing! Last year was more like a yoga hippy zen party, but still fun. This year, was like a festival dance party. The bands were Capital Cities which I’ve been loving all summer. And they were so good for a live show! Capital Cities rounded out a pretty epic running weekend and I can’t wait to run another year.